God’s Law is a constitution of a theocracy. God gave Moses His Law as an act of grace. Every society operates under a system of law. The question is not whether we should have a law system, rather who’s law will we enforce and obey. Christ did not add to the law that was given to Moses. He explained it and restored it. Christ kept the law perfectly. While man can only judge outward actions, God sees into the heart and Christ kept every letter of the law even in His heart. The heart of God’s law is that we should think like Christ thought. A correct understanding of God’s law and how to rightly apply it is a point of weakness for many Christians today. We have become to trusting of this world. Secular thinking has come into the church. An example of this is the idea of leisure and even retirement. God gives us His Sabbath for rest and tells us to labor for the Kingdom. A misunderstanding of how God’s Law is to be applied leads to negative consequences in the lives of believers. As Christians being sanctified, we must strive against our flesh and seek to obey the law God has given. The 10 commandments seek to restrain our sinful nature and free us to live Godly lives.
Lordship, Love and Labor The Glory and Power of the Godly Woman