The Old Covenant Tabernacle and Temple sacrifice system were shadows of things to come. The principles at work in the past are at work today in the church. As the Holy Spirit dwells within us we now as individuals serve as the temple. The sacrifices that used to take place outwardly with animals now must take place within us. Three of the sacrifices we find in the Old Testament system, are the Sin offering (symbolized by the animals death); the ascension offering (chopping up); and the peace offering (burning of the sacrifice). These Old Covenant principles correlate to worship practices we observe when we worship together as a church body. These practices are repentance (death to the flesh), chopping up (we are laid open by God’s word), and finally communion by observance of the Lord’s supper (symbolizes peace with God). We are called on in scripture to take up the work of a priest and continue the practice of daily sacrifices by taking up our cross, dying to self, and following Christ daily.
O, The Glory of God! Renovation, Metamorphosis, and Vision