This sermon deals with the connection between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. If we are to have victory in the physical realm, we first must exercise spiritual discipline and walk in spiritual victory. It is our Lord’s desire to see His kingdom expand and be glorified, but if we are to be a part of this we first must be astonished at Christ, and what He has done for us. We also must realize that this life is a battleground and not a playground. When we have a correct understanding of who Christ is, and how we must be responsible for how we spend our lives, we will then have the ability to throw off selfishness and sloth, to instead pursue the spiritual disciplines necessary to win victory in our spiritual lives and even our physical lives. Perhaps the most critical spiritual discipline in which most of us need serious improvement is in the area of prayer. In addition to the passage from Romans, these additional scripture texts are referenced: Psalm 84, 1 Timothy 4:4-16, and John 18:33-40.
The Fullness of Covenantal Interdependency The Glory and Power of the Godly Woman