Genuine love will also overflow out of us into vigilant actions for righteousness in the realm of our civil government. Christians filled with the Holy Spirit and submitted to God’s Word will gladly make themselves subject to the God-ordained civil institutions because no authority exists except that which is from God. Since the civil government is ordained by God to carry out His vengeance upon evildoers, and in order to be a true “minister of God”, the individuals placed in these positions must govern according to the Law of God, only ministering justice according to God’s revealed Will in His Word. Accordingly, the Christian citizen must not only be subject to the civil magistrate but must also stand ready to criticize the civil magistrate when they act contrary to God’s Word and to warn the civil magistrate of God’s judgment upon leaders who spurn His commands. In summary, the Christian citizen is to be subject to all civil institutions while always seeking to establish and maintain a duly elected Christian Republic under Christ.
Overcome Evil with Good The Christian Ruler