It is God who makes covenant with His people. A covenant is like a treaty which is mutually binding carrying privileges and responsibility. God’s covenant is different because He doesn’t need us. God delivered Israel from Egypt then gave them His law. It is in a similar way that He delivers us from sin and gives us His law. We do not obtain salvation by keeping the law. A misunderstanding of the Old Testament covenant may lead to legalism or antinomianism. The Bible teaches us that a proper fear of the Lord means a deep humility and awe for Him. We should have a reverent heart toward God understanding that He will utterly destroy His enemies. A proper understanding of this doctrine will provide a fountain of true worship, victory in the ways of the Lord, and justice. This fear of offending a holy God is what brings stability to society. Other texts referenced in this sermon are Psalm 25, Acts 5:1-12, Matthew 10:24-31, and Luther’s volume 47 Christian society letter against antinomianism.
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