The scriptures teach that there will be sheep, goats, and wolves in our churches. We are given specific instructions on how to deal with each. There are people who are divisive and teach a message that is contrary to the gospel of Christ. We are instructed to avoid these people, “wolves.” False teaches can be hard to recognize as they try to appear innocent, but they can be spotted by their smooth speech and flattery, as well as the fact that they teach unsound doctrine, and create divisions within the church. These folks are to be avoided. Admonishment precedes church discipline, but excommunication can become necessary. A healthy church will be attacked by those who seek to divide. If we are wise we will prepare to deal with this type of situation. In the scripture we find the parable of the wheat and the tares. In this parable the tares are allowed to grow alongside the wheat, with the understanding that they will be separated at the harvest. Such is the case with the “goats” or unsaved people in the church. We don’t seek to remove them, and are not threatened by them. Our desire is to see them repent, but if we are wise we will not desire to remove them. It will take great discernment and maturity in the church in dealing with people and situations. Warriors never stop training and the purist churches are subject to mixture and error. May we be prepared to deal wisely with people and to recognize and remove wolves.
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